Saturday, December 04, 2004

Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest

I'm holed up, unshaven, wild-eyed, and working on the book. I've promised myself I won't do any chatty, interesting posts until I'm a lot further along...

However, just in case you want to know what I thought of the new Annotated Grimms' Fairy Tales, annotated and translated by Maria Tatar, you can find out over at the New York Times Book Review site:

at present the link is

(The New York Yimes link generator at hasn't yet got it up.)

(And though I've done a few reviews over the years for the Washington Post, this is my first for the New York Times.)

And over at The Beat, Ace Macdonald reveals the terrible truth about me and Jill Thompson. (She also, puzzlingly, reveals that she can't tell the difference between filking and the saturday night masquerade's band.)

Okay. Back to work. (Waves at everyone aimiably.)