Thursday, November 11, 2004

Thank you and goodnight

I'm in Chicago, and once I got online I found myself with an avalanche of really nice e-mail. But it is still an avalanche.

Did the CHF interview with Gene Wolfe (really fun and enlightening), and then read Anansi Boys (novel in progress. Not yet finished. Hope it'll be out September 2005) to the nice people. Then signed until my hand fell off, or almost, and my birthday was done. Went back to the green room, ate the slice of chocolatey birthday cake set aside for me, and back to the hotel.

Many lovely gifts (I think the hand-blown marble might have been the coolest of a very cool bunch of things, and I felt remiss in not having mentioned how much I liked Rasputina's Frustration Plantation here, for I do, and then there's the International Brotherhood of Meatworkers screaming alarm clock) and many lovely people.

And now I am done for the night. Utterly, completely, ineluctably done. Gzpxllztt.