Friday, November 12, 2004

On the run

Very very fast post, as I need to get on the road for Fiddler's Green about ten minutes ago, just to say:

The Fiddler's Green - CBLDF auction is ongoing at eBay, and there's also a Sealed Bid auction; Details at You can check in at the CBLDF eBay auction at this link. (So that people not at the convention have a chance at some of the coolest stuff.)

(I had an extra rummage in the basement today, and in the art shelves. Anything I stumbled over that made me go "I've got that?" is going into the auction, along with many paintings people have given me at signings over the years -- it's time for them to go back out into the world...)

You'll find an article on the Dave Sim Lithograph at The auction's over at eBay at and I'll bring a gold pen to Fiddler's Green, to do my bit on the artwork there.

And finally, congratulations to Philip and Shelly Bond on the arrival of Spencer Bond. (For Philip's quote see Heidi MacDonald's The Beat blog: And then browse the rest of the blog to find out what the Uncanny Valley is and why it may make Polar Express creepy, and the Jim Belushi -Julie Newmar spat, and such.)

Right. Now to the con...