Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It's Alive!

Stumbled from holiday in Italy to rain in the UK, where it all seems to be meetings, trains, not being able to get onto the internet, researching the novel and losing people's phone numbers. Not neccessarily in that order, of course.

I saw Dave McKean this evening (tomorrow he nips off to New York for a few days to work on the Broadway "Vampire Lestat" musical, which he's doing production design stuff for. "Say hello to Elton John for me," I said sunnily. "Or should that be Elt?" "Reg, actually," said Dave, and he drove off into the night). I've been promised some MirrorMask images that I can put up on this blog, when I once again have the ability to download them.

Tomorrow is all talking to people about a maybe TV series.

There are several hundred excellent questions, comments and so on from people waiting to be answered, and I'll try and get to a few in the next post.

In the meantime:

a) the rule about never eating sushi in airports because it will taste like wet fish-flavoured rubber strips laid over lumps of cold rice pudding does not apply to Amsterdam airport sushi counter, where the sushi is basic but very decent.

b) I bought a new telephone in said Amsterdam airport. (Maddy complained that it was the ugliest one they had.) I like it, mostly -- it's a Nokia 6230. Its bluetooth applications either don't work at all, or don't work with my laptop's, but at least my ringtone is now an MP3 of the 6ths "In the City in the Rain", which seems appropriate. Pretty soon I'll have the original Vic Mizzy Addams Family TV show incidental music on there, and then the world will be my mollusc. (A quick Google of "Nokie 6230 bluetoth problems" shows that I'm not alone...)

c) Some helpful person sent me the link to the H2g2 article on Sandman. It's at - they used to have an article up but it's now been all updated and rewritten.