Friday, August 20, 2004

Forty Nine Doors and a Dead Walk?

I'd planned today to allow me to get back from interviewing some incredibly helpful police/fraud squad people in Lincoln (for some ANANSI BOYS research) in time to write some journal stuff.

Little did I know that I'd get to see what happens when they close down Victoria Station with a bomb scare and throw everyone out, and delay all the trains, and that I'd get back much too late to write anything sensible. So the smell of the cells this evening will wait until tomorrow, as will what I did yesterday, when I wandered the Piranesi lightwells at Somerset House with Julian Crouch and Mark Buckingham in order to inspect forty-nine doors and a Dead Walk.

There are still hundreds of unanswered questions waiting.

But seeing there was one question asked and partly answered by correspondents, and other people have done all the work for me....

Could you update us on what kind of response Dave Sim has gotten for his free comic offer?

and also

A few days ago I got my signed copy of Cerebus in the mail with a letter from the cranky Mr. Sim. He said I was the second person to mention that I am a fan of both Cerebus and Sandman. I am extremely happy. I'm just curious to know how many people took advantage of his generous offer. Erin

and they were immediately followed by

Hey Neil!I got my Cerebus copy from Dave Sim. He claims to have received 124 letters by August 10th, and sent me a nice autographed copy of issue 165.-Laura Gjovaag

Which tells us at least how many Dave had got by August the 10th (and, I hope, demonstrates that it isn't, as one person thought, some kind of internet hoax).

(For your free signed copy of one of the Sandman parody Cerebus issues, go to which has the information about Dave's offer, and the address to which you need to write.)


And those of you who are kindly offering help with my Bluetooth woes should know that I managed, in trying to update the laptop's Bluetooth driver, to accidentally delete Bluetooth from the computer entirely.

I only do things like that when I'm 4,000 miles from a reinstall CD. Honestly, it's a knack.