Saturday, June 05, 2004

Your extra bonus post.

The last post didn't go onto RSS feeds, because the front page was too large, so here's an extra post so the thing will republish...

re: the Infantino lawsuit

The more cynical of us out there seem to think the timing of the lawsuit might be related to the fairly-recent death of Julie Schwartz, who, I think was the last of the people from the time period (Broome and Fox being the notable others) still alive and could possibly contradict Infantino's version of the facts. Also, people think it's ironic for him to sue, given his years as DC's publisher

Ironic possibly, but interesting.

I can't see that Julie's death can have much to do with anything. At the end of the day, a legal case like this gets fought on contracts and legal simplicities, not on what dead people promised. My case with Mcfarlane was, once we got it in front of the jury, incredibly straightforward: there were lots of documents, they all said what we said they did, and the law was pretty clear on the nature of copyright and what you sign away working without a contract and what you don't. (Even Todd and his lawyers couldn't claim what I did for them was work for hire, and eventually fell back on some very dodgy statute of limitations defenses instead.)

Anyway, I can't see the point of having much more of an opinion than "this will be interesting" without having read the lawsuit.


Took Maddy to see the new Harry Potter film. Enjoyed it, more or less, but I kept wishing the plot would stop ticking for a moment and let a bit of film happen. And toward the end I found myself wishing they'd thrown out the CGI monsters and gone for puppetry and people in costumes instead. Or at least got Bernie Wrightson to design the werewolf.

And the novel is officially past page 200, although I don't think I'll actually use the scene I wrote today. But I needed to write it in order to know I wouldn't use it, if you see what I mean.