Sunday, June 27, 2004

The one where I mention Fiddler's Green and absolutely nothing else

I should mention that Karen Berger (editor of Sandman from 1987 on, and queen of Vertigo) is now a guest at Fiddler's Green, the CBLDF-supporting Sandman Convention in November in Minneapolis, and that Karen will be joining me and Charles Vess and Caitlin Kiernan and Todd Klein and other guests still to be named. And I have been told to mention it in its own post so that people who want to link to it don't have to wade through stuff with me burbling on about how BBC Radio 7 now keeps the entirety of the last week of stuff up for you to listen to again, or something, because that will confuse people who want to know about Fiddler's Green.

People who actually want to be properly confused about Fiddler's Green should instead go to their extremely unreliable guest page, where they name the guests correctly, but take you into weird and extremely unreliable worlds. (Charles Vess was the Fifth Monkee? Who knew?)

People who want to be slightly less confused can learn about the Fiddler's Green Saturday Night Auction and Masquerade at their website. Academics, librarians and educators, not to mention people who have ideas for panels, can find all the information they need, not to mention e-mail addresses.

And I should probably mention that it has 500 memberships (plus guests and staff) and that when they're gone, they're gone. And that you can volunteer for things.

Fiddler's Green. Sandman con with all profits to the CBLDF. In all probability the only one of its kind there is or was or ever will be. Fiddler's Green. Now in its own coveniently-titled post, which you can link to and will help with the google rating. Fiddler's Green con. It melts in your mouth, not in your hands. The Fiddler's Green Convention. Has only half the calories of butter but tastes like freshly-plucked water-vole.


(Exits, congratulating self for not even mentioning the new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Radio Series site and launch date, then realises self just messed up the whole only-mentioning-Fiddler's-Green thing and bimbles off shamefacedly resolving to do better in future.)