Sunday, June 27, 2004

It's deja vu all over again. Or is it?

Many, many messages on similar lines of which this was by far the nicest. Not to mention the politest.

Dear Mr. Gaiman,

I'm sure tons of people have mentioned this, but just in case they haven't---

Recently the fans who read your journal through the LiveJournal feed are getting twice the Neil-ness because the entries have been double-posting. Curioser is the unpredictability of the posts: Blogger obviously felt that your triumphant return needed to be trumpeted in quick repetition, but neglected to double-post your Harvey Awards speech. We were then reminded of the coolness that is Fiddler's Green before work and once again after.

Much as we love you and your work, I don't think we wholly agree with the Blogger's erratic favoritism your entries. I know you're really busy, what with all the things going on in your life (including reading this extended and blathery email and writing something about your hobbies, family, inspirations, and pretty much your background by July 9th), but we'd really appreciate it if you can wave some magic wand and fix this double-posting business.

Thank you,

The one that really puzzles me is blogger apparently reposted the latest one of them while I was on a plane back to Minneapolis.

Anyway, yes, I'll certainly investigate -- I'll talk to the authors on the web (who run the website) and and see what can be done. I know that there are certain limitations in what we can do about things, mostly because (at least as it was once explained to me by someone from LiveJournal) of the way that the LiveJournal OfficialGaiman RSS feed was originally set up, by whoever set it up. It also seems to be something that's happening more frequently because of new improved blogger. And given that there are about 5000 LiveJournal accounts subscribed to the feed, it's something I'm very aware of.

It's certainly not something I'm doing on purpose. Promise.


Lucy Anne found me the links to the articles from the Dreaming website, which should be a help for the people doing papers on me.

St. James Guide to Horror, Ghost & Gothic Writers

St. James Guide to Science Fiction Writers, 4th ed. St.
James Press, 1996.

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