Wednesday, April 07, 2004

the sound of the tubas... the sound of the tubas must never stop....

Let's see....

Hi Neil. I've posted an interview with Jonathan Carroll over at and thought you might be interested. After all, I know you're a fan of Carroll's, and would like to see him find more readers as much as I would.

Well, there's that and the fact that this is the first in a *series* of interviews... so perhaps your readers will be interested?

Thanks bunches. Cheers!
--gabe chouinard

It's an excellent interview. Have you visited Jonathan Carroll's site recently? -- I did the essay that introduces you to the site, and tells you who Jonathan is. (I also got Gabe's questions yesterday for my interview....)

Here's the link to the Petition to amend part of the Patriot Act... some fascinating information for readers, writers, booksellers and librarians there:[type]=home

Peter Sanderson has written an account of Julie Schwartz's memorial that is the next best thing to having been there:

Like most of us, you've probably wondered "why isn't there an international tuba day?" and "if only there were an international tuba day, what would samples of four part tuba music sound like?". Worry no more: (It was legitimate research, promise.)