Tuesday, April 06, 2004

oddments. And oh, the white chocolate ribcage...

This came in courtesy of Julian Crouch; I need to warn you all that it is peculiarly addictive:


Peggy Burns at Drawn and Quarterly wrote to let me know that Drawn and Quarterly are having an online spring sale. And while I tend not to simply plug commercial stuff for people, D&Q always do amazing comics and magazines and graphic novels, and, well, now they're a lot cheaper, so mentioning it feels like a public service. Here's the opening of the press release:

D+Q Online Sale: Comics, Posters & Graphic Novels are 20-60% OFF

This is no April Fools joke! For the first time ever, Drawn & Quarterly, , is having a Spring-cleaning sale. At least I hope it?s Spring here in Montreal, it is a balmy 5 degrees Celsius.

In an effort to consolidate our back stock, virtually all comics and posters are 20-50% off while our graphic novels, softcover, hardcovers and limited editions, are priced at 20%-60% off. Now is the time to complete your entire D+Q library with unprecedented prices on all of our cartoonists: Chester Brown, Baru, David Collier, R. Crumb, Julie Doucet, Dylan Horrocks, Jason Lutes, Joe Matt, Max, Pentti Otsamo, Archer Prewitt, Michel Rabagliati, Seth, James Sturm, Adrian Tomine, Maurice Vellecoop and Chris Ware!

AND if you place an order over $50 US/$65 CDN, you?ll get a free copy of R. Crumb's WAITING FOR FOOD #3 (HC)!

Visit: On the D+Q site, all sale items are priced as marked in red.


Heya Neil.

Just thought you'd like to know that after years of backbreaking labor, you've finally made it to the top tier of the Geek Hierarchy ( Congrats, man, and thank you. You're giving me shade from two tiers above.


You know, that's almost too accurate to be funny. But it's still funny.

will neil be at the san diego comic con this year?

I very much doubt it.

Hey Neal!
Did you go see Hellboy. Are you Planning to see Hellboy? Do you even like Hellboy? Please tell me you know who hellboy is. Love the comic, loved the flick


Saw Hellboy last night and very, very much enjoyed it. It was like a Mike Mignola comic, only you could see everyone's feet.

(Sorry. Small Mike Mignola joke there. Very small. And Hellboy was a terrific piece of work.)

Where was Neil Gaiman born?

Portchester. It's a small town on the south coast of England. It has a castle. I left aged two, and have never really been back.

i have only one question... WATS NAIL GAIMAN'S E MAIL?

Good old Watsnail Gaiman. If I see him, I'll ask.

Hi Neil,

I really do love all your work, but I think I would go weird if I bought Coraline with my own money, so Im going to get mum to buy it for my baby sister, so then I can read it. And that is why I consider myself a visionary.

Very wise. That way your mum or your baby sister will go weird instead.

Hi Mr. Gaiman,
I figured if anyone would have the opportunity, desire, or resources to duplicate this amazing piece of art it might be you or some of your friends. Not too often one gets to combine one's love of cake and horror in the same fabulous experience.


That is perfectly sublime. You really need to read all three pages. Phrases like "I had problems with the liver from the moment I tried to take it out of the cake tin" will haunt me for years to come. And oh, the white chocolate ribcage...

Incidentally, over at Scott McCloud's website, there is a poster for sale (suitable for framing, or giving as a present to someone who needs it) assembled from his Morning Improvs. It even has some of those cute bucket full o' kittens in it: Watsnail Gaiman says check it out.