Tuesday, January 20, 2004

You think they're cuddly, but I think they're sinister...

Many of you have e-mailed me the location of an MP3 of THE MARCH OF THE SINISTER DUCKS. I'm extremely grateful, and have listened to it, and it was as strangely wonderful as I remember. I put it on my iPod and was made happy.

I thought about posting the link here, but worried that

a) if I did, and if several thousand of you downloaded it, the person on whose site it rests (and who put it into MP3 format) might find himself hit with traffic bills he was certainly not expecting, and

b) then there's the whole copyright thing.

So I telephoned Translucia Baboon, writer for The Sinister Ducks and maker of stereo "Quack Quack" noises (currently residing in the body of Alan Moore) and asked if he'd mind at all if I posted it here. And he was very happy to give his full permission. ("The world must be warned about those ducks," he said. "It's all true.")

So, for those who need to listen to it, which is, trust me, all of you, "The March of the Sinister Ducks"can be listened to at (Thanks to Julia Bannon for putting it up originally.) It's an MP3, 3.2 megs in length, and was Ahead of its Time.