Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Sneering and whispering and stealing your cars, Reading pornography, smoking cigars...

I'd post something interesting about my failure to get the turntable working so I can play "The March of the Sinister Ducks", which has inexplicably been going through my head recently, or about a day spent mostly trying to get off the phone, or about negotiation with Maddy concerning the Tooth Fairy ("It's half a tooth, Maddy! That's no good to the Tooth Fairy. I mean, if she's building a castle out of the things, she won't go, great, half a tooth, I can use that." "Dad. Look at this house. There are half-bricks, aren't there? At corners and things. I bet she'd be able to use half a tooth. And she wouldn't have to pay out the full amount, anyway.") but I've just discovered (well, it just filtered through my head) that I'm on Minneapolis Public Radio's MIDMORNING show tomorrow, to talk to Katherine Lanpher about CORALINE and other things and the upcoming TALKING VOLUMES appearance at the Fitzgerald, and that if I'm going to get there on time and under my own steam I should go to sleep now.

How do I get the jounrnal through Live Journal? I can't figure it out on livejournal and I'm hoping you know?

Good luck with the new book, I'm looking forward to reading it.

You go to and either click on officialgaiman to read it, or you add it to your friends list.

Or it's the fifth one down at

Inuki kindly did up an FAQ for officialgaiman Livejournal feed users, and I have been remiss in not posting it. So it's at

The Sinister Ducks song is still going through my head... (Damn you, Translucia Baboon). It's not like it's on iTunes. And anyway, I've already got the single. 45 rpm. Kev O'Neill sleeve art. The whole bit. If I could just figure out how you thread the belt on a Sony PS-LX250H I'd be able to hear it.

(Hums, pensively:

Nasty and small: undeserving of life.
Ducks. Ducks. Quack-quack. Quack-quack.
They'll sneer at your hairstyle and sleep with your wife.
Ducks. Ducks. Quack-quack. Quack-quack.
Dressed in plaid jackets and horrible shoes,
Getting divorces and turning to booze.
Ducks. Ducks. Quack-quack. Quack-quack.
Ducks. Ducks. Quack-quack. Quack-quack.