Thursday, December 11, 2003

small things

Morning has broken, and I'm just about to do drive to a studio to be on BBC Radio 5 live, on the line with Simon Mayo.

BOOK REVIEW : Neil Gaiman and Max Decharne will be face-to-face with the critics who are reviewing their books "The Wolves in the Walls", and "Hardboiled Hollywood". is what it says. Sounds dead exciting. Although it won't exactly be face to face...

Hi Neil,

sorry for nitpicking... but how come that you had to sign 850 sheets for the Hill House Edition of American Gods, when there will only be 525 copies? Just wondering...


There are only 500 of the sign-up-and-be-guaranteed-a-book-and-get-a-copy-of-the-screenplay-and-your-own-number things, as I understand it, but according to

there will be 750 numbered copies, and 52 lettered ones, and then you always some some more for spoilage -- the ones that get creased, the ones that the printer ruins trying to get it right. Hill House are having any unused extras returned to them and destroyed.

Mr. Gaiman,

Do you wear an apron when you perform these kitchen experiments? If so, what does it look like?

I'd like the picture in my head of the Neil Gaiman Cookery Hour to be as accurate -- or, if you prefer, since the image depends on your answer, as ludicrous, -- as possible.

Lauryn Angel-Cann

Right. Okay. The Neil Gaiman Cooking Picture. Er, blackish jeans, blackish thick cotton sweater. Black DM boots. Needs a haircut. Holding a large, sharp knife, as if he knows what to do with it. Doesn't.

Hey Neil,
are you left-handed or right-handed?
just curious.


Right-handed. I wear my watch on my right wrist, which is apparently wrong for right-handed people. All my family are lefties, except Maddy.

I read in your FAQ that the blog posts as the Pacific time zone regardless of wherever you might be posting it. Here in Atlanta I read your "late night post" on Wednesday, December 10, 9:48 p.m., but the post was marked "Thursday, December 11, 2003, late night post posted by Neil Gaiman 2:47 AM" Which leaves me wondering, has the west coast has time-warped or is it just me?

Actually that's no longer true -- Blogger now allows you to change it for time zones, and I try and do it when I remember, so it's currently set for the time zone I'm in.

I'd really like to send you a Christmas card. Is that all right, and if so, where should I send it along?

That woul be very kind of you. Send it care of Dreamhaven Books in Minneapolis -- check for their details.