Wednesday, December 10, 2003

late night post

There have been a lot of requests from people on the FAQ line to let everyone know when a new issue of 1602 comes out. And Chapter Five came out today.

technically,you can cook any apple.It depends on your preferences.Golden delicious,Braeburn,and Fuji are quite excellent in any pastry or baked alone.Since it's December,stay warm and be well.

Sure, and growing in my garden back in the US there are also Haralsons and Connell Reds and Macintoshes, all of which you can cook with. But none of them have the cheerful huge knobbly sour wonderfulness of something like a Bramley. Trust me on this...

I've lost most of my copies of your books & comics by lending them to people to read. Good Omens, 2 copies of American Gods, Coraline & all my Death comics have now disappered (all i have left is my Sandmans & a wornout copy of Neverwhere) - either lost or lend on by the people i myself lend them to - sometimes they even refuse to return the books, arguing that they're good.

do you have any suggestions of what i should do?

You could try refusing to lend out your books and comics unless the person leaves you something equally valuable to them with you, as a hostage.

Of course, if that goes wrong, you could lose all your Sandmans and books, and find yourself with several unwanted dogs, parrots and children...

How is it possible to have Hill House Publishers print AMERICAN GODS (in any form) when Harper Collins published it already? I mean, if you entered into a contract with Harper Collins for a novel, wouldn't they want to publish it and make the money off of it since they contractually agreed to promote you and your novel? I also wanted to ask you how book prices are generated. Not books like the Hill House edition of American Gods it's obvious why that book costs what it does, being encased in marble and all that(which, by the way, I think is one of the coolest things you could do to a book besides read it), but like when American Gods first appeared in hardcover, who came up with the $49.99 price or whatever it was(I really don't know what it was, I just put it there to illustrate the question)? And then who sets the price for the paperback and trade editions? Does the author have any say in the pricing? Like could Stephen King, on a mad power trip, decide to charge $100 for the last book in the Dark Tower series?


P.S. My wife gave me THE WOLVES IN THE WALLS for my birthday, which I asked for, but then when I opened it up, it had your signature in it. I couldn't believe it. She is the best woman. You signed it in the perfect place, too. The lower right corner of the first black page, in silver. What do you think are my chances of getting Dave McKean to sign it? That would make it complete. It would look killer if he signed it in a gold version of the pen you used (it's really more like a paint marker type thing). Would Dave get freaked out if I asked him to not only sign my book, but to use a special pen I brought? By the way, I read THE WOLVES IN THE WALLS to our 4-year old son and he had a question I couldn't answer: How did the wolves GET INTO the walls? He's a stickler for details.

Hill House got the license to do their special edition of American Gods from Harper Collins, not from me.

Publishers set the book prices. Authors don't have much say in those things.

Dave will happily sign a book, in whatever pen you like, if you put it in front of him. The trick is finding him in order to put it in front of him.

How did the wolves get into the walls? Very, very carefully...

Do people ever send you stuff for criticism? How much would a critique from you cost?...essentially i'm asking if you whore out your expertise.

They do, but they rarely get it, because I don't really have time to read people's books, poems, scripts and short stories. If I did it, which I don't, I'd not charge money for it. And yes, sometimes I'll, er, whore out my expertise (the mysterious Discovery Channel/Channel Four project for example) but it has to be something I'd want to do in the first place in order for me to try to figure out where the time would come from.

Hi Neil.

I saw that you enjoyed Teresa Nielsen Hayden's post about fanfiction the other day (as did I). I blogged on the subject briefly today (well, on the porn aspect of it, mostly) and I thought I'd send you the link on the off-chance that you might find it interesting.


I did, but what I really liked was the "Satan was a Lesbian" book cover, and the vintage naked bicycle ladies mystery...