Friday, September 05, 2003

third time lucky

Spent the morning answering FAQs. Did about a dozen of them. Blogger just ate them.... which is mostly a pity because I'd tried to answer all the immediately useful ones, and they'll still need to be redone, and also because the stuff about academic brawls was really funny in a nasal kitty sort of way, and I don't think I can reproduce it.

Let's try that again, or something like it, anyway:

Celebrating a once-again working FAQ, just wanted to mention that is apparently shipping Legends 2.

Judging from this,, it does indeed. (Although the story in Legends is the new American Gods novella, "The Monarch of the Glen", and not, as it says, a Sandman story.) I've prodded for a US release date and can't find anything at all.

Hello Mr. Neil Gaiman,
Couple of signing questions:
a) at the 5th ave street fair, do you know which booth you'll be at. I remember you saying something about you NOT being at the DC booth, and if I'm too arrive early, I need to know which booth obviously.
b) um, er, hmm, this is silly, and you may laugh, but after all the hullaballo with Miracleman, do you sign them, or do you look at them, sigh, and say, must I really sign this, do you have any idea what I've been through because of these? Just don't what the author chargrined if I present him a Miracleman I enjoyed tha the wrote, when I could have brought something else that I enjoyed that he wrote that would make him smile rather than grimace.
Okay then, thanks for your time, have a fantabulous day.

a) I'll be signing on the graphic novel stage, in the centre of the graphic novel space, around 5th Avenue and 49th Street, at around 11:30am, for an hour. Signing after me is art speigelman, after him is Jim Lee. Given that I'll only have 60 mins to sign in, get there early. (And don't forget the event at the 92nd st Y with art spiegelman that night.)

b) I'll happily sign anything I've ever written, except bootlegs, and sometimes I'll sigh and sign even them. There was a while when I wouldn't sign any of the Image ANGELA collections, seeing they didn't ever pay me anything on them, or intend to, but since the trial and the judgement against Image and Todd Macfarlane, I'm happy to sign even them. The only bootlegs I've run into are the one volume video/DVD of NEVERWHERE, and a pirate printing of the DreamHaven "Snow, Glass, Apples" chapbook.

Hi! It's Tuesdae Jade, you met me at the Chicago Tori Amos show. Probly don't remember me, but I certanly remember you! I have now read Stardust and Neverwhere, I really liked them, especially Neverwhere, and am now trying to get through American Gods, but I'm rambling. Sorry. My question is: Do you think you could ever get some desktops or screensavers for your books or site? That would be really awsome. If they are here, I am really sorry to bother you, I just couldn't find them. Ko, thanks for listaning, I apreciateit! Tuesdae Jade

You know, Tuesdae Jades don't come along in quantity enough to be forgettable.

I don't think we have any screensavers here at the site. But over at you'll find Coraline screensavers, and Wolves in the Walls desktop, all for Windows and Mac. (Sometimes the screensaver sings rat songs, which can be a bit unnerving.) There's also e-cards at and a windows Coraline screensaver (downloadable from

DC Comics said they were doing ENDLESS NIGHTS screensavers and desktop themes, but I can't see anything at the Endless Nights Website, so who knows...?

Hello Neil.
I'm writing again since you posted that this FAQ is working. YEAH! O.K....Of course I can't write without mentioning how much i love your works. I fell in love with the Sandman comics (which i know are now graphic novels but at least people in Barnes & Noble can get to know you too. )
I'm a little hesitant to read your 1602 work because i understand that it's about the Marvel universe and i'm afraid that i'm not much of a comic person so i don't think i'll understand. This has become a great dilema and don't know what to do?
And then there's the comic shop dilema...i feel like when i go in there it's like your suppose to know where things are and if you don't your like a big ol' poser. This is not high school, you know? Anyway, Sorry i decided to vent on your time. * ____ * Keep up the excellent work and keep on blogging.

* America * (yes, it's my real name.)

Dear America

well, the idea of 1602 was to do something that Marvel people and non-Marvel people would enjoy, in different ways. You don't really have to know that these characters are versions of characters (like Daredevil, or the X-Men) who were meant to have turned up 400 years later, to enjoy the story. Or at least, I hope you don't.

It's sort of like Endless Nights, which I wrote hoping that for new readers it would be perfectly accessible, while Sandman readers would get a different reading experience.

I really want to support the comics shops -- which is why I posted the links to the comics shops locator services in the previous entries. I'd suggest using the locator to find local stores to you, and phone them up -- find out when they're open, if they have 1602 #1, where they are. You should at least have a sense of what kind of a shop they are from whether they're nice on the phone or not. Friends of Lulu is an organisation out there to promote women and comics, and they have lots of helpful things on their website, including a message forum, and I bet someone there could recommend a good comics shop to you.

And then there's mail order...

Will there be a UK release of Neverwhere on DVD, and if so will it differ from the soon to be released region 1 set.

That's up to the BBC. Your best bet is to write to them.

Re: the Foyles event - the tickets aren't quite available yet, so there's even more time for Disgruntled of Tonbridge Wells to become flush - or they can always reserve a signed copy from Besides, when I went to a Stephen King signing, it was free, and I had a photo taken with him, but I had to buy his new hardback book for 16.99, and only spent 2 minutes "chatting" with him - "Er, hello, I, um, like your books" - well, duh, otherwise I wouldn't be there. I would have happily paid a fiver instead for those 2 minutes, let alone a whole evening's show, with slides and things. Bargain!

By the way, you said it was always worth asking, so I thought I'd get in early for the November Foyles thing: fancy coming for some sushi after, with me and my girlfriend? There's a couple of great places in nearby Soho, and we're not psychos or anything, we would never do something crazy like having you stuffed and mounted in a glass case (okay, except that one time, but nobody was seriously injured).

Let's see -- the event starts at 7:00pm. There's an interview, reading, Q & A. Probably the signing bit will start around 8:30. Then there's 500 people who will want things signed (books, comics, CDs, body parts).... I doubt Dave and I will get out of there before midnight, and probably just want sleep or death at that point. But I appreciate the offer.

Dear Neil,

Not a question, but a quick link to my annotations for THE SANDMAN: ENDLESS NIGHTS SPECIAL if you're interested. I expect I've gotten a good portion of it wrong, but that's also part of the fun of it, of course.
Best wishes,


Thanks Matt. There that's all the ones replied to that I did before except for the pagan college group and the Tom Bombadil one, which must wait for another time.

PS: Hah! Blogger ate that one too. This time I was prepared though...