Wednesday, September 17, 2003

On not missing Isabel

My New York friends are being as reassuring as they can. "Don't worry about Hurricane Isabel," they say. "It's probably going to miss us completely. The latest news is that it won't trouble anywhere but Washington DC, and that only on Thursday."

I will, of course, be in Washington DC on Thursday, doing NPR's Talk of the Nation. (People have asked if it's prerecorded or live. It's live; Talk of the Nation's a phone-in show.)

So, several years ago a journalist looked out of his window, and saw a line of many hundred people wrapped around the New York Virgin megastore building, and discovered that it was all for a signing by someone he'd never heard of for a book called Sandman: Dream Hunters. (That was me and Yoshitaka Amano signing. Try to keep up.) And there was an article in Forbes Magazine very soon after, explaining that I was the most famous author you'd never heard of.

And now Forbes does one of the first reviews of Endless Nights, at The Sandman Returns in an article that also mentions such things as Alisa Kwitney's SANDMAN: KING OF DREAMS book (it's a sort of a big, heavily illustrated introduction to and overview of Sandman) and Adriana and David Roze's band "The Endless" (I have their CD "...and I'm the Queen of the Moon" in front of me as I type this. It's aetherial, intelligent and catchy at the same time).

Which reminds me, Lorraine-my-assistant-and-goddess-of-the-Minnesota-renfest (see her on the Ship stage, the one that looks like a boat, before Puke and Snot) is terribly happy about her latest CD review, over at Green Man review: and thinks that everyone should read the review, buy the CD, make her rich, etc.