Wednesday, September 17, 2003


Okay. Off to Washington now...

You did a happy dance for Endless Nights coming out today (Wednesday) so I walked into my local comic store today and asked if it had come in yet, same as I did last week. They said "It came in ... it sold out. Should have more copies soon."

Good news for you (it's selling well, at least around here), bad news for me (no copy yet, asked them to put one aside for me when they get more).

-- Peter Radcliffe.

Sorry about that, Peter. I think I'm going to be getting rather a lot of these "my comic store sold out of both of the copies it ordered" messages. It'll probably get worse tomorrow (?), when the USA Today piece comes out, and worse again next week when Entertainment Weekly comes out, and more people go into comic stores to be told that, nope, they've sold out.

There are sensible comics retailers who've ordered high numbers, or high for them. (Brian Hibbs at Comix Experience wrote to say he's ordered well over a hundred copies as his first order. Bill Leibowitz at Golden Apple has many hundreds of copies across all three of his stores, and a photo of me taken about fifteen years ago on the front page of his website. Yes, Virginia, I was that thin, and the dark glasses really were that big, and please let's not talk about the hair.)

But lots of them didn't order enough -- and will now start grumbling about people buying their graphic novels in bookstores.


And yes, I know that the North Carolinas and Virginias and lots of other places than Washington DC are in the path of Isabel. Honest.

And I'm rather looking forward to seeing whatever hurricane there is to see.


You're on!!! I'm sure everyone else has mentioned it by now.

CNN) -- The day on which Neil Gaiman finally breaks through to the culture-at-large -- and it seems a good bet that he will -- a lot of folks will be blindsided.


Interesting review of both books.

It's fascinating the way that different people have favourite (and least favourite) stories.