Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Going to Zagreb...

We got a starred review for Endless Nights in Publisher's Weekly.

And I don't have a schedule yet for Europe, but I do now have days: I'll be in Finland from the 26th of September to the 28th of September (I'll be at the Finnish comics festival), Norway through October the 1st, Sweden on the 2nd and 3rd, in Zagreb Croatia on the 4th and 5th, and then in Germany until the 12th of October. More solid times and dates should be in any time now, and I'll post 'em as I get 'em.

Dear Neil,

On average, how many words a day do you write when you're in the midst of a novel? I ask because I'm coming out to about 1000 words a night and I'd like to get an example to go by.

Thanks in advance,

A thousand words a day average is perfectly solid. I can do 6000 words a day for short bursts of total madness, but tend to be good for nothing once I've I've done that for a few days. It varies so much from person that I don't think you can point to a wordcount and say "you should be doing this". 300 useable words a day may be better than 5000 words of rubbish, after all... The most important bit is to keep writing.


And today brought copies of the Bloomsbury paperback edition of CORALINE. It's wonderful -- a new Dave McKean cover and all the illustrations. When the hardback came out there were people in the UK ordering the US edition to get the pictures. Now, I suspect, the book traffic may cross the Atlantic going the other way...