Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Dressing as a Sandman character while Talking Like a Pirate?

Let's see -- the LiveJournal feed has just done a "Too Big" shudder, so while it's sorting itself out, I'll put up a short one.

Here's a link to something I wish I could have seen in the flesh: two jawdropping Sandman costumes from the Worldcon Masquerade:

Hi Neil,

I'm the short chick who accosted you on the street after the Hugos. ^_^ You made me promise to send you photos of our costumes, so here they are (I didn't manage to get very many on my camera, so I'm hoping more turn up online soon...).

Of course, you don't have to spend money, time and life recreating amazing Amano and P. Craig Russell artwork. Nor does it take Talk Like A Pirate Day to foster a strange sense of togetherness. There's always Annual Sandman Dressup Days...

Hi Neil - don't know if you remember me. I met you (yay!) at the signing in Toronto on the 30th. I was the crazy one with dreads who showed you some pictures on a digital camera. I thought you might be interested in seeing what crazy Sandman fans will do when they live together for a summer at an arts camp. The pictures below are from the First and Second Annual Sandman Dressup Days which are a large event at my camp.
I would really love to know what you think!
~Katie (known in alternate universes as Frankie)

(link replaced with one that won't go down.)

and once you've started dressing as them, then next question has to be, which of them you've invited to dinner....

Hello Neil. I made this little quiz and I thought you might find it amusing. It's called, "Which of the Endless Should You Invite to Dinner?" Just know I mean no disrespect towards you or your characters, it's just silly fun. I hope the link works. Cheers, RedPandaPrincess

And here we have someone answering questions about Frankfurt and the world's longest comic strip...

Hi Neil,

it's me again. And, again, it's not a question but some links instead.
For everybody who wants to read more about comics on the Frankfurt book fair:
or if you just want info on the world'S longest comic strip:

Alex (German connection)

So it looks like I'll be drawing a panel about the history of the Guinness Book of (World) Records. Knowing my luck, other people will get to draw the panels about how many pickles people have stuffed up their noses, while I'll probably be asked to draw the panel where cofounder/editor Ross McWhirter gets killed by the IRA.