Sunday, July 13, 2003

This Post Guaranteed Free of Wolves (this statement has not been verified...)

A couple of small before-I-forget things, which will come in little before-I-get-on-the-train posts like this one...

We've not made the big announcement yet, but Mousecircus, the junior sister-site to this one, has been completely overhauled, and it now has a whole new Wolves in the Walls section. My personal favourite bits are the downloadable print-out poster-or-save-and-use-as-computer-wallpaper-or-website-logo-images, including a wonderful poster which guarantees that your computer is free of wolves (and then, in small print, doesn't).

The Wolves site also has a pig-puppet cursor, and a unique navigation mode that took me a while to figure out, so will be a doddle for any small children to use, but it may perplex adults. Anyway, go and poke around on (there's flash animation and it may take a bit to load).

There will be a launch to go along with the release of The Wolves In The Walls...