Sunday, July 13, 2003

More tidbits: Roz Kaveney and the Extraordinary Gentlemen

Roz Kaveney hasn't finished writing her autobiography (or possibly her memoirs) although every now and again she'll send me a chapter in e-mail. Roz knows everyone, more or less. She's like Jon Singer in that respect, only in leather and female, and nothing really at all like Jon Singer now I come to think of it. (You don't know Jon Singer? Oh, just wait a little while. You will.)

Anyway, Roz's occasional chapter memoirs are astonishing things, filled with strange and sacred monsters. Maybe she'll stick her work on it to date on line at some point, or build it into a sequence of enormous interlocking web pages. Meanwhile, up on her livejournal, she tells the story of Christopher Hitchens...

Checked in at the incredibly useful Rotten Tomatoes site to see the roundup of reviews on er, LXG. Rather a dismal bunch of reviews, alas, but at least they all seem to take pains to separate the comic, and Alan's work, from the film.