Thursday, June 26, 2003

Test post to see if things are any better

Let's see... Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle website is getting going -- I'll link to the front page, but read the message from Neal (a nice man and a terrific writer, even if he spells his first name wrong), and then follow the link to the story of how Todd Garrison cracked the code on the front page (which is, of course, not a code).

Is there an ISBN for "Endless Nights" yet?

Yup. It's ISBN: 1401200893

Hi Neil,

Sorry to hear about the recent lost of a post. I know it's been suggested before, but perhaps you should seriously consider writing your posts in notepad first then copy-pasting it into Blogger? That way, even if Blogger decides to throw its tantrum, you'll still have a copy of the post safely tucked away on your hdd. Not the most elegant of solutions, but it'll save some frustrations. :)

Wai Seng

I know. And sometimes I do. And when things were dodgy, about a year ago, I got into the habit of always copying everything I did before I posted it, just to be on the safe side. Then nothing went wrong for so long that I was lulled into a false sense of security...

Ah well. (This post survives because I blocked and copied it before I posted it, and nothing happened at all.)

I probably ought to write it -- or something like it -- again, if only because otherwise for the rest of my life people will ask my why my hair looks so peculiar on the Endless Nights book cover and PR shot.