Thursday, June 26, 2003

Not the post about the hair

I wrote a post last night. It was one of the good ones. It was funny. It was filled with choice images and wry moments. It was all about my photo session yesterday. It would have made you smile. I finished it, feeling that, despite the sad indignities my hair had gone through that afternoon, at least I had a journal entry out of it. I posted it...

And the New Improved Blogger decided that I didn't exist. It needed a password. It needed me to re-enter my ID. It said that yes, I might possibly be Neil Gaiman, but I did not actually have any blogs, and did I want to create one?

I battered my head against it for an hour, and then I went to bed, the post long-since having vanished into the ether....

This morning Blogger seems to be working, more or less. (There still aren't any LiveJournal posts up after Sunday.)

If Blogger improves any more, I'm investigating Movable Type.