Wednesday, May 21, 2003

A Mystery Solved. Ink purchased. Lunch eaten. Will the Excitement Never End?

Hey Neil: The Frank Quitely Endless poster can be found online at

By the way, I love his Destiny.

David Caro

You're right, it is. And I noticed the Jill Thompson Death manga statue is at And furthermore, we even have an explanation...

Not a FAQ but rather a bit more info about the problems with the link to the Frank Quitely Endless painting:

The problem with the link to the Frank Quitely Endless painting is that the server for has been instructed to send a 403: Forbidden message to anyone attempting to load an image from it by clicking on a link from an external website. This is to keep people from "stealing" their bandwidth and storage by using images in their own web pages that still live on the server.

You can see the image by typing (or cutting-and-pasting) the URL in directly to the browser. If you're using IE, you can also view the image by clicking the Reload button once you've gotten the 403: Forbidden message. But for Mozilla-based browsers you'll need to click in the URL line and hit Enter.

(I originally left this as a comment on LiveJournal, but I thought it might be important/interesting enough to send in to the FAQ.)

Jon Reid

Right. I'd tell you all about my day and how my editor at Bloomsbury came to Paris from London by train to have lunch, and about the niceness of the Paris fans at the signing, but I have to be up before 6.00am to fly to the South of France for tomorrow's signing, so I won't.

Friday morning is the Mirror-Mask script read through, which I shall go to, adding an extra country and an extra day to the trip. Dave McKean starts shooting the film in ten days. It's dead exciting really. And in film terms, it's been so fast -- Hensons called us about it at the end of 2001...

I bought several bottles of sepia ink in a Paris ink shop today, as I've used almost a bottle of brown ink on this tour. And in the shop, at the last moment, because I had been staring at it covetously and imagining doing a signing tour, or even writing a novel with it, I sighed and bought myself a lovely little bottle of Invisible Ink as well. You never know.