Friday, May 09, 2003

Live, from Krakow.

Krakow is amazingly cool. My only regret is that I only had a couple of hours to walk around it. Krakow is on my list of places to come back to....

Today was a train (finished the last tidy on the pre-outline story draft for the TAM LIN film I'm doing with Brian and Wendy Froud and Sony Animation, and worked on chapter 5 of 1602, and then slept for an hour or so), then walk, then interviews, then signing session (less than yesterday but still a bit of a marathon -- say about 250 people?) in a very very hot space, and then I was shown some artwork by local artists inspired by my work (and fell in love with a pencil drawing of holly and a fox-head, inspired by "The White Road") and then a two hour Q & A session with several hundred local students and fans. Then food, and back here for e-mail, and a hasty journal entry. (This.)

Let's see...

This amused me:

Hi Neil,

My name is Saba and I'm the fortunate individual that you chose to answer a question from yesterday. I'd sent in a bunch of apparently not F enough AQs to no avail and had grown to distrust's mail handling system...

The reason I'm stating this is that in the question you posted not only did I neglect to even reread it for typos but I didn't even sign the letter. So sure was I that it would never be read, let alone answered, I lost my opportunity at NGimmortality (TM).

So, two things remain:

1 - A sincere thank you for actually reading the notes that your fans send in (as opposed to what I imagined were weekly delete-all movements and eyeball rolling). It is an indescribable thrill to have a person that you have listened to for years take a moment to listen to you.

and 2 - To the fanatics (although I don't think we deserve the title, maybe aficionados is more suitable) HE ACTUALLY DOES READ WHAT YOU SEND IN. Even if he doesn't post it. And make sure to sign your questions or you'll regret it when your showing your grandkids a mirror of this site you saved back in 2003.

Anyways, that's all the sucking sounds I can muster for one day. Take care.

saba from vancouver.

While this is a wonderful article about one of my literary heroes, Samuel R. Delany: LA Weekly: Books: Dangerous Visionary

Several people thought I should know that the Monkeys and Shakespeare experiment has now been tried...

But I don't see that it proves anything at all, other than a month is a very short space f time, when it comes to Monkeys and Shakespeare. There's an R.A. lafferty story, which may be called Been a Long, Long Time (I don't know, I'm in a hotel room in Krakow) where an Angel is punished by looking after a team of monkeys until they write Shakespeare. I don't think they produced any coherent sentences for a thousand years or so...

Dear mister Gaiman

First of all: Thank you so very much for coming to Denmark. And that leads to my question: Your journal states that you will be giving some interviews in Denmark, but not to whom. Now, I�m a fan, so of course I would very much like which magazines, newspapers, television programs, radio channels or other that I should besiege to hear/see/read about you. Summa summarum, would you please post to whom you are giving interviews?

Thanks, Carina from Denmark

According to my publishers, at present-- the comic magazine �strip�, one of the biggest Danish newspapers, Politiken, Skolebiblioteket (a magazine read by all school librariens in Denmark), Bogmarkedet (a weekly magazine read by all bookstore employees), the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, Jyllands Posten (Denmarks biggest newspaper).

and from France...

Hello Neil.
You know me... P�n�lope, your number one french fan. Well.
I know this is definitely not a FAQ... will you ever excuse me to polute this page ? ;-)
I saw the places you'll be in Paris, but do you have more information about those places cause i can't find them on the yellow pages in Paris ?
Actually the addresses and/or phone number would really help.

This is what I've got in from Albin Michel:

Monday 19 :
17h � 19 h : Signings in Colmar. Libraire FNAC-COLMAR � 1 Grand� rue � 6800 COLMAR (confirmed)

Tuesday 20 :
12h30- 14h : Signings at � Le Furet du nord � 15 place G�n�ral de Gaulle � 59800 LILLE (confirmed)
End of afternoon : Brussels
17h30 : Signings at bookstore �Tropisme�

Wednesday 21
15 h : Children Bookstore Le Chat P�tre 22 bis rue Duchefdelaville � 75013 Paris (confirmed)
17 h30 � 19h30 : Bookstore Fnac Saint-Lazare � 109 rue Saint Lazare � 75009 Paris (confirmed)

Thursday 22
14-16 Signings in Sauramps � Polymomes all�e Jules Mihau � 3400 Montpellier (confirmed)

Warsaw again tomorrow.