Saturday, May 10, 2003


I started out this morning with a wallet. At some point today it stopped being in my leather jacket, which I learned this evening when I went to put my Polish agent's business card inside it, and discovered I no longer had a wallet to put a card in. Someone had to have taken it. Probably very deftly.

This could have been an utter mindcroggling disaster on many levels, but luckily it's only going to be an inconvenience, because I still have both my passport, and the one credit card I'd taken out of the wallet to use when in Amsterdam, as I didn't think it was a good idea to keep pulling out a wallet.

So I phoned home; credit cards are being cancelled as I type this (I just learned whoever took the wallet has been madly using only one of the cards, which is a relief, means I'm not liable for initial payments on several cards, and it's a bank card, not a card I've ever used as a credit card, so it's easy to see what they've taken).

My hosts in Warsaw are more upset than I am; apart from being concerned for me, they're worried that I'll think this reflects badly on Warsaw, which I don't, at all. It could have happened in any of the major cities I've been in on this tour so far, and in any of the cities I'm going on to.

I think that the leather jacket is going to be modified as well, when I get home, to make the wallet much harder to get at just from bumping -- oops, sorry -- into an author in a crowd.

Still, damn.


Grand Moff Zoe writes to say

For mothers who get ignored on Mother's day, there is a lovely Other Mother e-card at to remind their children to be thankful for their parents

I wonder if we could do Other Mother's Day next year...