Sunday, April 27, 2003

Things Man Was Not Meant To Know And Other Stories

Hi Neil,

Strangely, you didn't mention that you were asked to sing the rat
from 'Coraline' at the Fantasy Fair Q&A session today. Possibly
because, and I quote, "This is the weirdest thing I've ever been
asked". But you did a great job - properly clammy voice and everything.

Thanks for coming back to the Netherlands!

Katrien Rutten

You're welcome. I very cleverly didn't mention it, because if I mention it then every reading I do across Europe someone will ask me to sing the whole Coraline rat song, and probably be disappointed when I refuse. But yes, I was asked to sing the rat song, and I did. If Henry Selick actually makes the Coraline movie I think me and Stephin Merritt and Daniel Handler should do the rat songs. We could be the creepiest rats in the world.

So... next stop Portugal. If there's a hiatus in these reports, it means I'm having trouble getting online and the hotel computer is nookless.