Monday, April 28, 2003

Signings in Barcelona and Copenhagen. Await Instructions.

HI Neil! I just talked to the Coraline publishers here in Spain, and they informed me they've made an agreement with Norma (who publish your comics) for a signing for May 6th at 6 p.m. in the Norma store:
Norma Comics Barcelona
Passeig de Sant Joan, 7 y 9
08010 Barcelona
Telephone: 93 244 84 23
Fax: 93 265 23 10

The people at the store said however that it's not 100% confirmed, though.
Thought people would like to know.

And from Denmark, I got an e-mail to let me know I'll be doing a signing at Fantask in Copenhagen -- details at -- as far as I can tell it's 3-5 pm on the 13th of May. Thanks to Henrik for lobbying to make it happen.

Dear Neil,

Speaking of "Instructions," and since you were with Brian Froud recently, I was wondering if you (or he) ever figured out what has happened to the illustrated poster he did for the poem? Will it ever be available to your readers?

Safe travels,

I asked Brian and Wendy about it, and they believe it'll be coming out to coincide with San Diego Comic-con this year, as we're all three of us guests there, and that Brian and I will be signing some for charity -- maybe doing a CBLDF signed edition before the commercially available one comes out. They think.


I'm in Portugal, in Lisbon.

I've just discovered that I can get onto the web, through Compuserve, with my computer, which means I have hundreds of unread e-mails, and that people who badly and urgently need things from me can now wail wanly at me for them.