Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Awards and stuff

The Coraline audio book just got the Parent's Choice Silver Medal for spring 2003: details here.

American Gods has been nominated for the French Prix Imaginales, which will be awarded on may 17th. It's up against stiff competition...

Ange, La mort d�Ayesha, Bragelonne
Clive Barker, Abarat� Albin Michel
Jean-Louis Fetjaine, Le pas de Merlin, Belfond
Neil Gaiman, American Gods, Au Diable Vauvert
Martha Wells, Le feu primordial, L�Atalante

And I've been sent a copy of the DVD of A Short Film About John Bolton to take on my travels around Europe.

Lots of people sending me messages telling me they really want to know about the Jack Benny radio shows, many of them coming up with original ways to scream in e-mail, so when I get some time I'll try and finish the thing I was writing about them.

There. Now I have to go downstairs to be interviewed again (this is the fourth interview today. Or the fifth. I've lost count).