Tuesday, April 29, 2003

And so to bed

On the subject of ebooks:

I recently purchased the ebook version of Smoke and Mirrors and I'm enjoying it very much. But there is something that strikes me as a bit odd when I was shopping for your books in ebook form: the pricing is all screwy. (see for the current pricing).

I buy digital versions of books I own so that when I travel on the train I won't have to schlep around the heavy print edition. Convenience mainly.

So, $5 - $6 for an ebook version sounds ok to me.

Yet Coraline costs $11 while American Gods costs only $7. What? You can fit 6 Coralines between the covers of American Gods, yet I'm supposed to pay *more* money for it?

I realize this stuff is not in your hands, but you have to admit, that's not exactly a proper pricing scheme is it?

On a brighter note, I'm looking forward to your appearance here in New York in September. It's a shame you can't sign ebooks. :) (though as my luck would have it, I'll be turned away again, and take home the pre-signed copy. . . . . which will force me to make another comic about it, so others can share my pain).


Actually, for once I understand the rationale on the pricing. E-books are priced a little under the price of the physical book. Coraline's only out in a $15 hardback right now, so it's an $11 e-book. In August it'll come out in paperback, so it'll be repriced as much cheaper e-book. It does make sense, of a sort.


Really sleepy, so you won't get the story of my day in Lisbon, although it was really interesting, nor my thoughts on the connection between Michael Moorcock's city of peace, Tanelorn, and the architects-of-air LEVITY installation, nor even a description of the meals eaten today.

This website is maintained by Authors on the Web, and I notice they've cut and pasted the RSS page they did for this blog for the RSS page they've now done for William Gibson's webpages, which they also maintain. Unfortunately they cut and pasted a bit too efficiently as they left in the code for the aggregator for this blog in the instructions for Bill Gibson's. So if you're hoping for Bill right now and you're reading me, all I can do is apologise. You can tell us apart pretty easily, what with him being a tall thin Texan living in Canada, and me being a nowhere near as tall or even remotely as thin Englishman living in the US, currently in Portugal. (This has been a public service announcement.)