Sunday, March 02, 2003
Umberto Eco makes some fascinating points about the current international situation.

While on a goofier note...

Hi Neil. Hope you feel better soon. Here's a short article about a long concert in Germany. (639 years to be exact) It seems something you'd get a kick out of. I did.

Joe J

And then there's my favourite recent article: the obituary for Nadine, Countess of Shrewsbury, which goes into delighted detail on a 1959 divorce, back when you could have two people who disliked each other, and were having relationships with other people (Mr Lowther, and the maginificently-named Nina Mortlock), and still couldn't get a judge to agree to give them a divorce.

A month later, Lord Shrewsbury arranged for Sotheby's to auction the entire contents of Ingestre Hall, and to sell the house itself. While Lady Shrewsbury and the children continued to live there, Lord Shrewsbury sent out letters to tradesmen saying that they were not to continue their credit arrangements. Having sold the house he went to live on Madeira to grow bananas with Nina Mortlock, later moving to Switzerland.