Sunday, March 02, 2003
I kind of feel that while I've been sick I've not been dreadfully entertaining. So, to make up for it, if you go to Teresa Nielsen Hayden's blog you will find links to the blimp story, and to the Jack Kirby "Lord of Light" drawings, and to a real-life story of two of America's Dumbest Criminals, and much, much more. While if you're in the mood for something dangerously surreal (or at least, surrealististically dangerous) then go and read Scaryduck's Guardian Award-Winning Blog. You could do worse than follow his advice for tourists visiting London for the first time. (And remember: in London, when entering an underground train or a red London bus, it's customary to walk around introducing yourself to everyone else in the carriage or deck. Always shake hands, and tell everybody your name in a loud, clear voice.)