Thursday, March 06, 2003
Dear Neil,

I know you've been ill recently, but are you still planning to come to Salt Lake City this weekend? I haven't seen an announcement of any changes on the Where's Neil portion or on the library's announcements page.


I'll be there, yes. (I've cancelled everything else between now and the European Tour.) It'll be good to get out of the house, and I've not been to Salt Lake City since I did my last signing at Night Flight Comics about ten years ago. (Before the signing Mimi had organised a wonderful lunch in a Japanese Restaurant which was owned by a customer of theirs -- he was closed, but was feeding his family and us.)


So we have a room with sofas and a TV in, that gets called the Blue Room because the ancient carpet in there is blueish. It's now the one room that still looks just as it did when we moved in: it still has the old wood-burning stove which no longer gets used since we learned it was installed in such a way as to burn the house down, if it felt like it Over the last few years people in there have started sneezing and sniffling after not much time in there, and we've been using it less and less. So yesterday Lorraine took out the carpet, and discovered underneath it a floor covered with linoleum tiles. I'd planned to recarpet it, but now I'm not so sure... the tiles are cleaning up well, and they look rather sweet, in a 1930s sort of way. And you can breathe in there now.