Sunday, January 05, 2003
Publisher's Weekly listed the HarperAudio CORALINE as one of their five children's Audio Books of the year. That makes me really happy -- I'd hoped to be able to first publish Coraline as an audio book, just to get people listening... I still think I could do it a lot better now, having actually read the whole thing to a few audiences, but am really pleased with what we did, with the package, with Stephin's songs.

I'd like to do a CD this year of THE WOLVES IN THE WALLS (and, because it's not that long, I'd probably put THE DAY I SWAPPED MY DAD FOR TWO GOLDFISH on it as well).


Trying to find a Penn Jillette essay, I discover that the Penn and Teller website has been gazumped by a porn-film site. My initial reaction is that it's some kind of strange Penn and Teller joke, especially because there are scary-looking lady twins with things that look almost but not really like actual human breasts in their chest region staring out from the home page.

The "Sister Act," who are guaranteed to add a sexy, stylistic, sibling symmetry to this year's Awards Show couldn't be happier, "To be on-stage throughout the entire show is unbelievable ..," gushed Taylor. "... we were excited to be sitting in the audience - but this [serving as Trophy Girls] is unbelievable," finished Tyler. I wonder if it's some strange Onion style P & T parody site, but apparently not -- seems to have become a feeder site for sincityfilms. Eventually find (after several bad links at that keep taking me back to the porno site and the ladies with the unfortunate chests) and I find the essay I wanted -- it's Penn's saga of airport security -- at and its sequel at

And I don't know if I've ever put it up here, but you can (and should) read Max Beerbohm's marvellous deal-with-the-Devil short story "Enoch Soames" -- it's here, amongst other places on the web, and then read Teller's essay/event at You'll thank me later.