Sunday, January 05, 2003
Hah! I knew that one day the search thingie would turn up something interesting, if I just waited long enough. The ten most recent people to arrive here through searches searched for:

1. Neil Gaiman

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10. norwegian bottoms


I was just getting to the point where I was running out of CDs to stick on the iPod, when I realised that I'd forgotten about Boxed Sets. And of course, that's what they're for: you buy them, play them once or possibly twice, and then put them back in the box and tidy them up and put them away somewhere inconvenient and forget them, faintly pleased that you've actually got Kate Bush singing "Ken is the Leader of the GLC" on disc somewhere, but with no burning desire ever to hear it again in your lifetime.

But now I have my iPod, the boxed sets shall be taken out from their inconvenient place, as soon as I can get my assistant Lorraine to tell me where it actually is.

I shall be known as Listens to Songs from Boxed Sets. Children will point to me in the street as the person who actually took all seventeen different demo versions of "Heroin" from the Velvet Underground Boxed Set, even the one with the glockenspiel on it, and has them on his iPod, where he can listen to them if he chooses, and may very well do just that one of these years, you see if I don't.


Great conversations of our time, with Maddy age 8. Today -- Swearing, in Songs.

She was wandering around singing the Future Bible Heroes "Vampire" song this evening. Then she stopped, mid-line and said, "You know, there's swearing in that song. Is it okay for me to sing it?"

I blinked. "There's swearing in it?"

"Yes. It goes... (whispers) 'swear', (sings) I am what I am what I am, and I am impossibly glam..."

"Er. 'Swear'?"

"Yes....(half-whispers, confidentially) 'Damn'."

"Oh. Damn. Right. I wouldn't worry about it."

"And it also has (half whispers) bitch in it too. (Raps) I am the bitch-goddess from beyond your grave."

"Again, I wouldn't worry about it, and I don't think bitch in that context is swearing anyway. I mean the word means female dog."

"Like the shitzu in 'Fido your leash is too long' which kind of sounds like 'shit'?"

"Er. Right. Sort of like that. Anyway, it's nice to hear you singing, and I'm absolutely not worried about the swearing in Stephin Merritt songs."

"Oh good. Then I'm not either. (sings, lustily) How fucking romantic, all the stars are out..."

(Now ripping: Nick Lowe's The Doings. Disk 3).