Friday, December 13, 2002
So all of yesterday was spent at Cinesite. Finished the grading, started on the titles. In the evening I showed the film to a small audience of safe people including my old friend Richard Curtis, who declared before it started "of course when it's over I shall say it's the finest short film I've ever watched," and then, when it was over said "That was the finest short film I've ever watched!" but then afterwards said it was pretty good actually, which cheered me up. He's just wrapping his film, LOVE ACTUALLY, which is ten interwoven love stories and he directed it himself, wearing his lucky pants.

This morning I did the end titles with a nice man named Simon in the Flame suite at Cinesite (er Flame is a computer system, I think. I know no more). I enjoyed doing the end titles, making sure they didn't obscure our view of the art. Then I nipped into Bloomsbury (Publishers) round the corner and signed 90 copies of Coraline for Scotland. Now I'm back in the Ska offices, about to go and meet some people about putting together a DVD of the film (which has been the most popular request on the FAQ line. I'll post some sample replies -- and may very well send it to a few film festivals, because people keep chiding me for not). Anyway, tomorrow I'm doing the audio for the film, and will also record a DVD commentary and possibly even be interviewed for a DVD.

Meanwhile I'm not sure when I'm going home or even if I'm going straight home or if I'm nipping off to have a Bob Zemeckis meeting before I go home. But I will go home very soon. "ASFAJB" will be in to the BAFTAs in 35mm form on thursday.