Saturday, December 14, 2002
Off to sound studio in moments...

Can you help me find a door knob?

I would hope that this would be one of your more unusual requests, but with your fans it probably does not even place. But it is a serious question. I have been collecting Sandman art for a while and recently was fortunate enough to acquire the Dave McKean cover to Sandman number 7. However, the cover was without door knob. Most likely Mr. McKean used the door knob in another work or maybe put it back on the door it was borrowed from :-). So I would like your help in getting in touch with Dave McKean if possible. Now in some perfect world, it is sitting in his closet and he has been yearning to get rid of it. More realistically, I would just like his permission to add a similar door knob to the art. I really do not want to alter (restore) his work without his permission.

Thanks for any help and the countless hours I have enjoyed reading your various works.

I asked Dave McKean, who said:

Hi Neil,

I sold several all but one (I kept no.3) of the first 8 Sandman covers to ...
Kevin Eastman for his museum to keep them all together
and available to the public. Why am I not surprised he's sold them off one
at a time?
All I can tell you is that when i sold it to him, it was intact, doorknob in place.
You could try giving his organisation (whatever that is these days) a call,
but it's probably easier to look around junk shops, architectural
reclamation companies etc. for an old door you could buy for a couple of
dollars, destroy and replace the missing part. I'm sorry i can't help any
further, but I have no spare doorknobs here. Not at all actually.