Sunday, December 08, 2002
Here's a review of TWO PLAYS FOR VOICES from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

I "let my long hair down" in it, says Michael Sangiacomo, and he may well be right, particularly about the hairlength. I'm sort of all hair and beard right now, and look a little like a shorter, younger breed of Alan Moore, or an older, bespectacled Che Guevara. Or Phineas Freak. Or someone.

Cut together the gallery party sequence and trimmed and tidied. About two minutes to lose, and stuff to do and fix tomorrow. And then it needs to be seamless. And then it's done -- or at least, the edit will be done. There's stuff like sound and effects and film grading after that. is another Coraline Best-of-the-year review, this one from Australia, written by Caro Llewellyn, director of the Sydney Writer's Festival.