Saturday, December 07, 2002
Current cut is 32 minutes long. Still have the gallery opening scene to edit -- I'll try and bring it in at about two minutes. Then I'll have to cut 4 minutes out of the film to bring it in at 30 minutes... (Dave McKean's favourite scene is already for the chop. Sorry Dave.)

People keep e-mailling to ask about the how and where of being able to see this strange confection once it's done. The moment I figure out what it is and what we're doing with it, I'll tell you all. Promise.

It's very odd. I think I said that already.

I'm learning so much about directing in the editing suite. Every time I as an editor get grumpy with the director I make a mental note never to do that again.

Then again, considering it was a three day shoot, and it's a half-hour drama (or whatever it is) I think I did okay.