Thursday, November 07, 2002
Nalo Hopkinson just won the World Fantasy Award for Skin Folk, her collection of short stories. Please blame her for this goodie: 60's goodness (You'll need quicktime.)

Just told Maddy that I have to go away for a few weeks to make the short film. She was pretty sad, and so was I. You'd think that as we grow older, partings would be easier, but they never are.


Well, I was a bit surprised, but only a bit, to find that an essay by someone you apparently at least know and which is published on your site manages to substitute "Disk World" for "Discworld", but then, I s'pose gremlins get everywhere. It'd be nice for it to be corrected, though. (It's in the recently-posted essay on your movie-related stuff, in the Good Omens section).

(yes, it's me again. I feel like those people who make an occupation of writing to the Daily Telegraph, sometimes...)

Strangely enough, this website lacks a copy-editing department, and I'm afraid even people I apparently at least know make typos. I make 'em myself, in quantity.

(If any of you wish to volunteer your copy-editing services, then contact Julia Bannon, webmistress.)