Thursday, November 14, 2002
I have a desk. And a phone line.

Today I met my production designer and my DP, and got to talk about what I want shot on video and what I want shot on film and why. And I got to meet my casting director and decide who I'm auditioning tomorrow.

The audition process is cheerfully brutal, and I don't know how actors cope. When we did Neverwhere, all those years ago, I wanted to phone each person we didn't wind up casting, and apologise to them. I'm sure it'll feel like that tomorrow as well. At least I didn't feel the urge to apologise to all the people whose photos didn't work for me, so never even got called in ("No, he just looks honest and likeable. The interviewer has to be a bit on the smug side...").

I love being in a country where people bring you cups of tea all the time.

Now need to do a second draft of the script as a director rather than as a writer. And Chris Ewen (Future Bible Heroes) sent me a perfect piece of music to go with the film.


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