Wednesday, November 13, 2002
Am in the UK. Today inspected the art gallery location (wonderful), worked out lots of scheduling, and discovered I knew the answers to a lot of questions. Big relief.

Tomorrow is casting all the major parts, meeting the production designer and the director of photography.


hey neil, am. gods paperback is both #1 and #17 on the powells's bestseller list. must be loki tricking . . .


How extraordinary.


There's a preview for Endless Nights at Mile High Comics. The color cover, and two B&W pages.

Also for Jill Thompson's At Death's Door


Actually, what you've got there seems to be two colour panels (a Manara and a Prado) then black and white copies of the pages those panels come from and a P. Craig Russell Page. How odd.

A couple of questions from people wondering if I'll be doing any signings in the UK this trip. Nope. Busy. Sorry.

Also, to the other people who asked about the "NICHOLAS WAS..." Christmas cards, Dark Horse definitely did them this year, and I know this because they sent me a set of them to look at last month. There's a link here to the forthcoming section of the DreamHaven me site and it's the fourth item down at where it lists an October 30th sale date. Don't know if they've shipped yet -- ask your local comic store. (If they say no, ask them if they actually ordered any. A minority of Comics stores will blame publishers for not shipping what they don't sell, when it's actuyally on sale elsewhere.)

Added later: This in from DreamHaven's Lance Smith: Diamond is currently showing the Nicholas Was cards as being available for re-order. We didn't get them this week and they weren't on the Diamond shipping this week list, so they're probably shipping next week. (I won't know for certain until Friday.) Their Diamond item code is AUG020019H.