Monday, November 18, 2002
Henry Raddick (the 21st century's Amazon-reviewing answer both to Charles Pooter and Henry Root) e-mailed in to say

You wonder on your blog whether Andrew Lloyd Webber and I are one and the same - I've fessed up to that


which was very kind of him -- and The Register site contains screenshots of the "Andrew Lloyd Webber" entries, long since scrubbed from Amazon's database.


Last night was a magical evening, marred only by a healthy dose of jet lag on my part: it was an old friend�s birthday, a small gathering of the great and the good and the me, and the evening�s entertainment was provided by the astonishingly talented Derren Brown � mentalist performer (also an excellent caricaturist-portrait painter).

Finished casting all our leads today, and feeling hugely confident on that score. Now we just have one young lady to cast who has to look a certain way, walk and smile, ready for a photo shoot on Wednesday (I think).