Sunday, October 27, 2002
Went to Chicago on Friday afternoon. Went to Andersen's Bookshop. Pulled out fairly new and quite expensive Dell Notebook computer to read assembled crowd a poem called "Crazy Hair". Computer did nothing. (Computer has done nothing whatsoever since.) Did a Q and A, then signed for a long time for many people.

The next day I read Coraline for the Chicago Humanities Festival. Started reading around 4.00pm, went to 5:30ish. Then signed for 45 minutes for kids and adults who were leaving early. Then read the rest of the book, finished around 8:20pm, then signed for everyone else there, the line ended around 10.00pm ish, and then went back to hotel, kind of tired.

Came home this morning.

Probably won't do another public reading of Coraline all the way through, but if I do, I don't think there will be any signings on either side of it, or during.

I don't think I'm particularly hard on computers... but it's time to get another one repaired.