Monday, October 28, 2002
Hello Neil,
I was under the impression that Dreamhaven was going to do one more
run of Angels and Visitations this fall, but I have not heard anything
about it, even on your Neil Gaiman Store. I was looking forward to
getting a copy at a reasonable price, don't need one of the $120.00 1st
printings. Do you know if this last printing is really going to happen?
Thanks! Dave G

It will happen, honest. DreamHaven were hoping to bring it out for World Fantasy Con, but they were stretched to their limit (being a bookstore and not a publisher) bringing out the Fantasycon program Book and a book called Shelf Life to celebrate their 20th anniversary. So the 10th anniversary Angels and Visitations will come out in 2003 (which is better than 2002 from a 10th anniversary point of view, the original having been published in 1993, although admittedly worse from a trying to buy a copy in 2002 point of view).


Note for those in Minneapolis who aren't going to the World Fantasy Convention:
on the DreamHaven site, over at you'll see lists of the signings they'll be hosting over the next eight days. An amazing assortment of authors and events. (I'll probably be at the one on Wednesday night.)


The computer saga. So far, today has brought a computer-generated e-mail from Dell letting me know that their artificial intelligence unit has scanned my problem report (the computer is completely dead) and it suspects that I may be having keyboard problems. It offers several solutions to a sticky or problematic keyboard and hopes that I am now happy. If that doesn't solve my problems I should reply again. I've replied again.

Several of you have suggested I switch to a Mac. Although, on reflection, many of the Macs I have known in my life have demonstrated a capacity to go wrong in strange and interesting ways that PCs are still struggling for.

Personally I am much more inclined to switch to a pen and paper. I would no longer be emailable, people would have to write me actual letters. I wouldn't even post this journal for you to read any longer. Instead, people would come round to your house in the morning and recite it to you, with appropriate and meaningful gestures, and to the delight of your neighbours.