Thursday, October 10, 2002
Mostly today was spent walking.

Maddy decided she wanted to see the gemstone exhibit in the Natural History Museum, mainly in order to have seen for herself each of the precious stones that princesses are named after in The Ordinary Princess, and while we were there I wanted to see the T. Rex Imax film because my friend Kari Coleman is in it (she plays the professor's girlfriend), and I'd never seen it. Was disappointed to discover that Kari never flees from a dinosaur at any point in the film. (It's an odd film, like two different stories that have been welded together in the middle, but Maddy enjoyed it, and Mike enjoyed grumbling about it.) Ate at Kaz Sushi, which was good but not great, and was rained upon a fair bit.

(Last time I spoke to Kari, I rang her out of the blue for the first time in a year, and she was delighted and slightly weirded out, as, she said, she'd just seen a big display of my books and had been thinking about me. Which was a coincidence that would have impressed her had she not been a serious skeptic. Here's a fascinating article she wrote about Cold Reading, for a sequence on the Penn & Teller Sin City Spectacular that was, in the end, never used.)