Thursday, October 10, 2002
Hello Mr. Gaiman -

How are you this fine day?
In case you were wondering, I'm positively fine. I have a small question/favor to ask of you, a couple of days ago my dear and loving sister asked you question and you have yet to answer it. She spent a great deal of time composing it, making it perfect, for she holds you very high in her esteem, so that you would not have to read her question then think to yourself, 'My that girl had atrocious grammar and spelling. Wherever did she go to school? Certainly not a fine British school such as the one I went to in my youth.' Well, as forementioned, it has been a few days and there has been no posting of her question and your response on your journal. After she first submitted her question she was all giddy with the idea that her question might appear on your journal which would mean that you had taken the time out of your incredibly hectic schedule to read what she wrote and then respond to it. Erin, my sister, had been sick and feeling blue these past couple of days and it would mean a great deal to her, and myself, if you would post her question and your response on your journal or e-mail her. Though if you are to busy you could just write this one sentence in your journal, "Erin B., You rock my world."

Thank you - K. B.

Hullo K.,

The hard and awful truth is that most days bring anywhere between 25 and 50 questions, along with the notes, the "this isn't a question but" letters, FAQs, websites people want to me mention and so on. If you send something in and it doesn't get posted, it's no reflection on what you sent. I can't reply to everything. It would be a full-time job. I do read everything (including Erin's message), if that's any comfort, or I try to. And what gets picked is whim...