Friday, September 06, 2002
Over at there are fiendishly inventive people having too much fun making up imaginary writers' weblogs. (Imaginary weblogs, that is. Not imaginary writers. Well, no more than usual.) The Edward Gorey, Martin Amis, and Virginia Woolf pages are my favourites, probably demonstrating that it's easier to be cruelly funny about people who are either dead or Martin Amis.


Here's a really nice essay on Coraline: The Annual Back to School Column: Neil Gaiman�s Coraline - (There may be some spoilers in there for those who haven't read it.)

And an "I Don't Like This" review of Coraline in the Independent at It seems to be warning people against running out and buying first printings of the UK edition, something that's easier said than done these days, as Foyles found when they had to reorder for the signing. On the other hand, it's the first of the "well he used to write comics you know my dears" reviews I've seen for Coraline. (Got lots of them for Neverwhere, fewer for American Gods.)

A fun review aimed at kids and teachers I think at

Bookslut issue 5 is out with a Coraline review over at

And the FAQ line is still dead as something or someone indisputably dead preferably with a short name beginning with D. For the time being we have a message there saying "The FAQ submission form is temporarily off-line. Please e-mail your questions to: and we will forward your message to the author. " So now you know.