Friday, September 06, 2002
Just watched a lovely "We Can Get Them For You Wholesale" film (on DVD yet) -- genuinely funny and well shot (and with a gender-reversal that worked just fine). A real contrast with my other current favourite "We Can Get Them For You Wholesale" film, which was the wonderful Scandinavian one.

It's odd. I mean, I wrote that story when I was about 23, on a manual typewriter, after falling asleep to a radio programme about contract killers and waking up to one about wholesaling (or possibly it was the other way around). It was published in Knave, more or less as a favour to me by the editor, Ian Pemble. I don't think I thought there was anything special about it.

But for the last decade my agent, Merrilee, has gotten four or five requests a year from people who want to retell the story as student films, and say I yes to pretty much all of them, as long as they aren't out there commercially. And they're getting better and better...

Let's see...

in no particular order

a) it's lovely to be home
b) Picked about thirty pounds of tomatoes today. Soup! Salsa! Ratatouille! Giving tomatoes away!
c) Michael Chabon loves the McSweeneys story.

Oh, and I got an award! Actually, this journal got it, really. - shrine - SHIFT.COM'S FIRST ANNUAL CELEBRITY WEBLOG AWARDS Isn't that cool? Actually, I tied with Michael Moore, which makes it much cooler.

Cheryl Morgan's weblog over at gives a nice behind the scenes at the Hugos.

(And yes, I'm still sick, thank you for asking. But I'm home for, er, a week. And on new antibiotics, which should help a lot.)