Thursday, August 08, 2002 reports that the Coraline graphic novel will be changing its name. "Our highly anticipated project with Terry Dodson, Coraline, has just started production," says Sattler. "This makes our decision to change the name of the project an easy one considering we haven't gone to print yet. We were unaware of Mr. Gaiman's book of the same title, and want to avoid creating any confusion for fans and retailers. We will be announcing a new title shortly, and sincerely hope that everybody comes out to see Terry's awesome work when the book is done. We also wish Neil the best of luck with his Coraline, and are pleased that somebody so talented got such a great name for a book. At least this way we know it's being put to good use." Which is astonishingly nice of them.

Charles Fort once pointed out that in steam engine time people build steam engines. He was trying to explain the phenomena whereby people invented the same things at the same times in far-apart places, with no contact with each other, when the time was right. It's as good an explanation as any. (And if you don't know who Charles Fort is, or only know his name from the masthead of the Fortean Times, you can read the books that started it all here.) I suppose in Coraline time, people make Coralines. I'm just glad (and fortunate) I was first.